It's All About the Bar

Who knew I needed a turquoise bar?

David spotted one on Craiglist that he felt strongly we needed in order to complete the mid-century motif we have been striving for our living room. After much discussion as to the pros and cons of his desire (ranging from "we don't drink" to "but you like projects"), I found myself the following day sitting next to him as we drove down to San Jose, CA to pick it up. The moment I saw it I knew instantly that sometimes David is right (of course, I will never confess this fact to him in person). It was something that we were missing despite the fact that neither of us have bartending skills. And I must admit that I REALLY do love projects.

But it needed some work especially on its base. With the magic of Google, I discovered that one could remove rust from chrome with either coke or vinegar and steel wool. I did a side by side comparison to realize that plain old elbow grease took care of the job better than just the solution. It is not perfect but I am happy to announce that most of the rust came off in time. I also was able to use spray paint for the first time, which was a load of fun (all those years of watching HGTV seems to be paying off). Our next tasks is refurbishing two of the three stool cushions that have cracked vinyl. After obtaining a quote from a local upholsterer that made me almost fall out of my seat we are now researching how best to approach this project solo. But all in all, the bar looks great. And again, I really do love projects!

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