Not A Reason To Go To San Leandro

Ventured to the San Leandro Thrift Town today. It was picked over more than a teenager's bad acne. If it wasn't for my New Year's resolution, I would not have bothered.

Only have one location left and it is all the way out in Fremont. It better be good.

Wall of Clocks

Several months ago David & I stumbled upon a dealer in Healdsburg, CA that specialized in vintage advertising clocks. During our latest trip up north we picked up one more to add to our current collection. My best guess is that this particular model was manufactured in the early 60s and seems to be in perfect working condition. Pretty amazing since it is plastic.

Decorating Mid Century Style

If you happen to feel stuck in your mid century interior design decisions the Better Homes & Garden's Decorating Book (this version was published in 1961) is there to help. From tips on how to incorporate your favorite color of melon into your color scheme to addressing the dilemma of decorating six walls at one time this handy guide book has the answers. And with vibrant pictures and illustrations for the directionally challenged. Thank you Better Homes & Gardens.

Been There Done That

Thanks to the Julie McCoy of Sacramento (aka. our buddy Toni from Mimomito), I was able to check off another Thrift Town from my New Year's resolution list. No one said your goal had to be a hard one.

So with Toni's help, I visited the Carmichael, CA location on Saturday right before closing. The moment I entered the doors I spotted not one but three Pyrex bowls that were calling my name so I knew it was worth the trip. Despite our time being limited, I spotted so many mid century items that I would definitely go back.

Now only two more to go.

Glass Key Photo

Shameless plug for a cool guy who is working hard to keep film alive. Yes, you remember. That necessary ingredient to capture an image through the lens of your non-digital camera - once so easily found at any grocery store. Whether it is 35 mm, Polaroid or 620 film used in many mid century cameras, Matt of Glass Key Photo can hook you up. He also has the chemicals and paper if you are inspired to develop your photo by hand. Oh, and of course root beer.

So drop what you are doing, dust off that Land Camera or Brownie you have been dying to use and go see Matt.

Ready and Waiting

Our new space at "Stuff" Antique-Modern Collective is finally ready for the grand opening celebration tomorrow, 2/11/11. The owners and fellow dealers have been so helpful throughout this entire process. We're very excited.

Come check us out.

150 Valencia Street
San Francisco
Space 21