Atomic Fantasy Vs. Mimomito On Monster Island

(Left to right: Serene and Toni from Mimomito, David and Rebecca from Atomic Fantasy. Not pictured: Joe Mountain. Joe - it was great meeting you, and you rock.)

So I'm hopelessly anti-social. Basically me and people don't mix. This super quality is someday soon going to make me a great shop-owner. Bring on the Yelpers. ("This shop is filled with vintage treasures, but the owner was grouchy and made my children cry just because they broke 1 lamp. Also he wouldn't let my dog use their restroom. One star! If I could give zero stars I would!")

Yet amazingly, here I am in a social setting. This is because Rebecca and I had the privilege of meeting the cast of Mimomito (Sacramento's mid-century goddesses) and not only is it impossible to not love these folks, it's impossible to not want to hang out with them! So here we are!

They not only made us feel welcome in their town, they introduced us to their circle of friends, and now we know other fantastic people like Erin and Stefan from Scout Living. We've had so much camaraderie and encouragement in the space of one evening, our heads and hearts are going to burst. Also, there were cupcakes. Would it be possible to ask for anything else? I don't think so.

If you're looking for that currently available mid-century gem to add spark and intrigue to your home decor, check out what's currently catching Mimomito's keen eye. Or if you're anywhere near Sacramento and have a tip on mid-century stuff that you or someone you know might be selling, these are the folks to talk to.

Vintage Plant Stand

Turns out that my new bullet planter is not the only hip stand around. Often found in white, I was elated to discover this black circular stand at the Candlestick Park Antique & Collectible Faire this past weekend. Believing it is from the 50s based on design alone, there is not much available on the web about its origin. Doesn't really matter though since it seems to fit so well in our apartment.

Adorable Pink Canisters

There are times I wonder why I bother going to the Alemany Flea Market. For those who have never been it is more like a rummage sale than an actual flea market. With that said, I was reminded on Sunday as to why I go.

While browsing a table filled with garage sale hand me downs, I spotted in the corner of my eye a powdered pink canister with brass lid that appeared to be mid century. After rushing over before anyone else spotted it, I opened it to my delight that it was not only one canister in perfect condition but four nesting inside one another. Nervous that the seller knew that these types of canisters, especially in mint condition, easily go for $40-50 in antique stores in San Francisco I prepared myself to haggle. No need since the seller only wanted $5 for the entire set.

Oh, how I love Alemany Flea Market!

The Bullet

No mid-century inspired home would be complete without a bullet planter. I was thrilled two weeks ago when I found this beige with black specks bullet planter at the Sacramento Antique Faire for $15. Wanting to redesign our back patio, I knew instantly that this Eames style planter would help me create the look I so desperately wanted. After visiting family friend, Krista Jon-Levandofsky, latest business The Humble Adobe in San Clemente over the holidays, I knew a succulent garden would be the perfect compliment to my new hip planter.

But I knew nothing of its history until now.

Originating in the 1950s, the bullet planter was manufactured by several different companies (i.e. Kimball Mfg. Corp of San Francisco) throughout the years. According to Mid Century Modern blog, the design was not trademarked leaving it up to anyone who was interested to copy the style. Made from fiberglass in an array of colors, these egg shaped planters came in various sizes from short to tall (like mine). Although I have the real McCoy, reproductions are easily found in the $100-150 range from places like Design Within Reach or Hip Haven. Good reminder that these planters are still easy to obtain at a fraction of the cost if you like vintage shopping.

My next step is to find smaller sized bullet planters to expand my collection.

Home Sweet Home

David & I were featured in this week's Home Sweet Home article on an exciting blog for Mid Century lovers in the Sacramento area. How cool is that?

When we were first approached I felt a little intimidated to be under the microscope of MCM specialists. Then reality set in. David and I have worked hard to incorporate MCM style into our daily living and are proud to show off our ever expanding collection. We had a blast hanging out with Toni and Serene for the day and look forward to seeing them again.

Rooky Ricardo's Records

If you love vinyl then an excursion to Rooky Ricardo's on Haight Street in San Francisco is a must. Owner, Dick Vivian, is not only a genius when it comes to music from the late 50s through 70s, but a blast to talk to.

Puppy Love

I had one of those moments again when I spotted something on Etsy and knew it was meant to be mine. Not a huge fan of poodles (more the bulldog type) this particular dog with its unruly curls was too tacky to pass up. Plus, it helped feed a relatively new obsession of mine - Gravel Art.

DIY gravel art kits were the rage back in the late 50s early 60s. Being the late bloomer that I am, I first discovered this craze when I bought my first panel at Midway in Sacramento earlier this summer. We now own five of various themes.

Unfortunately my web search did not uncover much in terms of how this fad came to be but thanks to people like SuZanna Anna these kits are still alive.

Feeding My Barware Obsession

There is probably nothing I like more in life than vintage barware. Well, except shoes. Especially those with peek-a-boo toes but that is another story. David surprised me recently when he came home with package from eBay with these adorable highballs inside. Six in total in an array of festive colors. They just scream refreshing cocktail by a pool in Palm Springs. Now I only need a plane ticket.

Lane Restoration Project is FINALLY Done

I blame Mother Nature for the delay since it has been too damp to finish the lane project I started over a month ago. Right before our last Bay Area storm, however, it was sunny enough for me to put on the finishing touches (aka. Teak Wood Oil) to complete this project once and for all. Although a little harder than that store clerk said I am happy with the results.

Hey Buddy, Do You Have The Time?

Ok, we went a little wild. While shopping at an antique mall in Healdsburg we uncovered a retirement sale that translated to 50% off everything. And we liked everything. Not sure how long he collected but this soon-to-be retiree's specialty was vintage advertising clocks - many pre-1970.

As with most of our finds our intention was to purchase a few clocks to resale at our space but they seemed to have found a better home adorning the wall of our kitchen. My favorite is the Sprite.