Atomic Fantasy Vs. Mimomito On Monster Island

(Left to right: Serene and Toni from Mimomito, David and Rebecca from Atomic Fantasy. Not pictured: Joe Mountain. Joe - it was great meeting you, and you rock.)

So I'm hopelessly anti-social. Basically me and people don't mix. This super quality is someday soon going to make me a great shop-owner. Bring on the Yelpers. ("This shop is filled with vintage treasures, but the owner was grouchy and made my children cry just because they broke 1 lamp. Also he wouldn't let my dog use their restroom. One star! If I could give zero stars I would!")

Yet amazingly, here I am in a social setting. This is because Rebecca and I had the privilege of meeting the cast of Mimomito (Sacramento's mid-century goddesses) and not only is it impossible to not love these folks, it's impossible to not want to hang out with them! So here we are!

They not only made us feel welcome in their town, they introduced us to their circle of friends, and now we know other fantastic people like Erin and Stefan from Scout Living. We've had so much camaraderie and encouragement in the space of one evening, our heads and hearts are going to burst. Also, there were cupcakes. Would it be possible to ask for anything else? I don't think so.

If you're looking for that currently available mid-century gem to add spark and intrigue to your home decor, check out what's currently catching Mimomito's keen eye. Or if you're anywhere near Sacramento and have a tip on mid-century stuff that you or someone you know might be selling, these are the folks to talk to.

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