Adorable Pink Canisters

There are times I wonder why I bother going to the Alemany Flea Market. For those who have never been it is more like a rummage sale than an actual flea market. With that said, I was reminded on Sunday as to why I go.

While browsing a table filled with garage sale hand me downs, I spotted in the corner of my eye a powdered pink canister with brass lid that appeared to be mid century. After rushing over before anyone else spotted it, I opened it to my delight that it was not only one canister in perfect condition but four nesting inside one another. Nervous that the seller knew that these types of canisters, especially in mint condition, easily go for $40-50 in antique stores in San Francisco I prepared myself to haggle. No need since the seller only wanted $5 for the entire set.

Oh, how I love Alemany Flea Market!


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