A Truly Atomic Chess Set

During a recent search for mid-century treasures at the Alemany Flea Market, David spotted this unique chess set. Despite missing 5 pieces and board, this chess set screamed Eames era and therefore would feel right at home in our living room. After a quick web search we discovered that this modernist styled aluminum chess set was designed by Austin E. Cox for Austin Enterprises and manufactured by the Alcoa Aluminum Company in 1962. He created a slightly different set in 1967 but this particular set seems to be the most desired. Thanks to the wisdom of the internet, we also discovered that David lucked out on the low price of his purchase. My hope is to slowly find the missing pieces & board to complete this set. Luckily, we are both young.

Introducing Cathrineholm

When I came across this cheerful casserole without its lid at the Alameda Flea Market recently it was love at first sight. Still a HUGE fan of Pyrex, Cathrineholm designs ranks second on my love scale for vintage cookware. As a leading artist of Scandinavian design movement in the 50s, Norwegian designer Grete Korsmo Prytz-Kittelsen captured the optimism of the era through her work with Cathrineholm. It was common for her cookware to line the shelves of most Norwegian homes during that time. Well respected for her contribution to mid-century design Kittelsen was made a knight by her county before her death earlier this year.

As one blogger put it, Cathrineholm designs is the gateway drug for vintage cookware collectors. It is not hard to see why.

Sacramento Antique Faire

Best hidden secret is the antique fair under the freeway overpass on 21st between W & X Streets in Sacramento. We discovered it on a whim as an excuse for a weekend getaway and now have gone back twice since that time. This flea market opens its doors on the second Sunday of the month between the hours of 6:30-3:00pm. Yes, it is in Sacramento which means an 1 1/2 to 2 hr trek for us living in the Bay Area but the non-city prices makes the money spent on gas seem like a bargain. The decent selection of mid-century furniture will keep me coming back.

Another eBay Casualty

It would have been grand but somehow somewhere during its journey across the US to our home in San Francisco this Magnavox Stereo from the early 60s perished. David knew when he purchased it on eBay that it would need some repairs to get it working again but did not expect this. It is crushed beyond repair. Guess it is time for another eBay memorial service. Bummer.