Miss Sally

She could have been named Betty, Suzy or Mary Jane. She was likely someones mother, grandmother or even great grandmother depending how her story unfolded. But to me she is known as Sally Mae or Sally for short.

Kodak launched a creative advertising campaign using true to life posters of attractive young ladies to entice buyers to purchase their various products. No, they were not the first company to use this style of advertisement but they inadvertently captured a time in America that still seemed innocent and carefree. A time when people still fantasized about space travel. A time when the Cleaver home seemed realistic.

Provided to camera shops to help encourage customers to document their Kodak moments only a few of these cardboard cut outs remain today. And lucky for me David found one in fabulous condition recently at the Alameda Point antique faire.

I tried desperately to learn more about the adorable girl in the picture wearing her pink swim dress and yellow shoes (I am really loving the shoes) but to no avail. All I do know is that this particular ad was released sometime between 1950-54 based on the manufacturing dates of her camera.

I am not sure why I am so fascinated by her. Perhaps it could be that she and I are about the same height. Or that I happen to own the Duaflex II camera she is holding. It could also be that I so desperately want her shoes. But until I can discover more about her this mystery lady she will remain Miss Sally to me.