A Truly Atomic Chess Set

During a recent search for mid-century treasures at the Alemany Flea Market, David spotted this unique chess set. Despite missing 5 pieces and board, this chess set screamed Eames era and therefore would feel right at home in our living room. After a quick web search we discovered that this modernist styled aluminum chess set was designed by Austin E. Cox for Austin Enterprises and manufactured by the Alcoa Aluminum Company in 1962. He created a slightly different set in 1967 but this particular set seems to be the most desired. Thanks to the wisdom of the internet, we also discovered that David lucked out on the low price of his purchase. My hope is to slowly find the missing pieces & board to complete this set. Luckily, we are both young.

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1962 austin said...

i'm looking to find the rest of my set also i'm missing a pawn

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