For the Love of Pyrex

Yes, it may seem strange but I have always had a thing for vintage Pyrex. Not that clear glass casserole dish sitting in your kitchen cabinet right now, but the colorful nesting bowls that come in an array of stylish patterns. Introduced in 1915 by Corning Glass Works, Pyrex has been helping chefs across the country create culinary masterpieces for nearly a century. I would argue, however, that it wasn't until the launching of Pyrex Colors in 1947 that Corning successfully transformed the ordinary mixing bowl and/or casserole dish into a fashionable accessory fit for display on any dining room table.

My father of all people introduced me to Pyrex. His all-time favorite cereal bowl to this day happens to be the orange 1.5 pint bowl from the New Dot set. A huge fan of polka dots myself it didn't take me long to acquire the entire set for my own personal use. Not to mention the Primary Colors, Gooseberry, Rainbow Stripes and Butterprint Turquoise mixing bowls sets. Then there are the casserole dishes, refrigerator sets, and butter dish. Intervention, anyone?!?

I think my fondness for Pyrex has a lot to do with its attainability. Frankly speaking, it is cheap. Making it an easy choice for this collector. Despite the fact that most nesting bowl sets go for $60+ on eBay, it isn't too difficult to piece together a set for the fraction of the cost with a little patience. A perfect example was yesterday at the Candlestick Flea Market. With my well developed Pyrex radar, I spotted a filthy but surprisingly unflawed 2.5 QT green New Dot bowl under a stack of dishes. Cost $5. A steal especially at a Bay Area flea market.

As David once teased "we'll never have a shortage of bowls in our kitchen with you around".

Looks like I am not the only one in LOVE with Pyrex (actually a really great website).

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