Discovery of the Seeburg 1000

Woke up Sunday to my partner, David, tapping my forehead as an effort to get me up so that we could head over to the Alemany Flea Market before breakfast. If it wasn’t so darn close I wouldn’t have bothered but this is the flea market where I once scored a Franciscan Starburst creamer (mint condition) for $5. The dealers today were sparse.

David did better than I. He found a Seeberg 1000 Background Music System for $60 that apparently was used to stream music in department stores during the 1950s. Who knew? Sadly, it has no key so we have to hold off on discovering the condition of the records inside. So it may be a while before I can pretend to be Betty Draper shopping in NYC while cleaning my apartment. For now, I will just have to make do with my iPod.

Here is some light reading on Seeburg 1000s.

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Great find! Ever manage to find a key?

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