The Bullet

No mid-century inspired home would be complete without a bullet planter. I was thrilled two weeks ago when I found this beige with black specks bullet planter at the Sacramento Antique Faire for $15. Wanting to redesign our back patio, I knew instantly that this Eames style planter would help me create the look I so desperately wanted. After visiting family friend, Krista Jon-Levandofsky, latest business The Humble Adobe in San Clemente over the holidays, I knew a succulent garden would be the perfect compliment to my new hip planter.

But I knew nothing of its history until now.

Originating in the 1950s, the bullet planter was manufactured by several different companies (i.e. Kimball Mfg. Corp of San Francisco) throughout the years. According to Mid Century Modern blog, the design was not trademarked leaving it up to anyone who was interested to copy the style. Made from fiberglass in an array of colors, these egg shaped planters came in various sizes from short to tall (like mine). Although I have the real McCoy, reproductions are easily found in the $100-150 range from places like Design Within Reach or Hip Haven. Good reminder that these planters are still easy to obtain at a fraction of the cost if you like vintage shopping.

My next step is to find smaller sized bullet planters to expand my collection.

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