The Murder of a Cat

OK, my title may seem a bit dramatic but I do believe I stumbled upon a crime scene. A long time customer of eBay, I have been very fortunate buying ceramics online until now. I knew immediately when my package arrived that the rolling noise inside was not the best of news. Opening the box I discovered that my brand new black panther T.V. lamp was so poorly wrapped that it would have been a miracle it if arrived unscathed. Now amputated to the point of no return, it has retired to the trashcan. Hoping to get a refund I am most sad that this lamp survived all these years until it was mailed cross country to me. I know it is not personal but it is disappointing.

I didn't know this lamp well. Until today, I hadn't even laid eyes on it. But I write this blog in honor of what could have been so very kitsch.

Update 11/22/10: After complaining to eBay about the lack of response from the seller about my refund inquiry I was eventually offered a refund (minus shipping). Not the best but it was at least something. Lessen learned - really pay attention to the sellers ranking history. Oh, and don't mail a porcelain cat wrapped only in newspaper in a gigantic box if you want your package to arrive unharmed.

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