Warning: Make Sure it Dismantles Before Buying

We seem to always do this. We fall in love with a piece of furniture and rationalize if it fits in the car then it is ours for the keeping. So it happened again. This past Sunday at the Alameda Flea Market David and I spotted these awesome grey kitchen chairs from the 50s. The chairs' original vinyl seemed to be in perfect condition and in a pattern I had never seen before. Although not part of a set, the same dealer happen to have a pink and grey Formica table for sale that seemed to almost belong to these chairs. (Side note: David & I have been talking lately about replacing the Formica table I inherited from an old college roommate many years ago so spontaneously buying a new table didn't seem odd at the time.)

Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Well, it would have been if the legs of this table were removable.

Living in San Francisco has many perks. Living in a Victorian 2nd story flat isn't always one of them. For those who have not experienced this type of dwelling, imagine for a second opening your front door (after climbing several stairs to your front door that is) and right smack in front of you is the steepest flight of stairs you have ever laid your eyes on. Yes, you have arrived at our apartment. No, it isn't like climbing Mt. Everest but it can feel like you just worked out on a stair master if you go up and down them a few times. So fitting our new table into to car was not the issue. Carrying it up our damn stairs was. With superhero strength and the magic of spackle, we were able to transport the table up the stairs, down a hallway and around a few tight corners before situating it in our kitchen. The good news is that it fit.

Note to self - must buy stock in spackle.

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