Zenith Stereophonic

On our last Alameda Antique Faire pursuit we took home this lovely stereo console that now adorns our living room. Despite having the original operating guide to our new Zenith Stereophonic High Fidelity Phonograph with AM-Stereo FM Tuner, we know relatively nothing about it. After striking out on Google, I am left to make a best guess estimate that it was manufactured in the early 1960s.

This walnut console with bentwood legs is truly an attractive piece. The radio works but hums pretty loudly. Strangely the hum gets louder when the turntable is spinning. So it needs a few repairs before it is playable.

I did, however, uncover info on the evolution of the FM radio that I thought was worth sharing. According to Cybercollege.com, the story of FM radio is one of success and tragedy. Instead of me summarizing the events, check out their article on the Dawn of the FM Radio to learn more yourself.


chgodad said...

My parents bought this model Zenith in 1962. The record changer touted its "2 g(ram) floating cartridge" which was meant to guard against scratches. There was a removable cover for the FM section which is not shown here. Also, the leg assembly was different than that shown here.

Unknown said...

I picked up this model today 1963 for $200.00
Completely gone through by a profesional

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