I See Stars!!!!

Inspired by Jon & Jose's Homes, Sweet Home feature on my favorite blog Mimomito, I knew that I wanted a star wall to call my own. Since we often come across starburst clocks during our vintage hunts, I was confident that we would be able to build our wall in no time. Luckily, David shared my dream.

Our challenge was to find various styles that would mix well together. Eclectic but with a purpose. Clocks with cords had to have a secret cubby to hide them in since visible cords would look...well...tacky. And with all of our DIY projects, our budget was a little over zero.

Ranging from $10- $70 we found clocks throughout Northern California to help build our collection. All are in working order from manufacturers such as Syroco, Lux and Sessions. All are mid century. To our relief, most were battery operated. Those with cords met the bill by having some type of nook in the back to hide the cord in. (Otherwise we would have had to rely on Serene's helpful advice to switch out the cord.)

With our project complete all I now have to do is to remember to shield my head if there ever is an earthquake or I will really be seeing stars.

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