Crazy Projects

I woke up this morning thinking it was as good of a day as any to tackle another renovation project. The victim this time was a classic mid century wood chair that had been painted black. Since the paint job was, well lets say...less than ideal, it seems time to bring it back to its original state. With heavy duty paint stripper and industrial proof gloves in hand, I set out to prove to myself once and for all that "projects" can be fun.

Then out of the blue the theme song for Flashdance popped in my head.

Ok so slapping on toxic chemicals onto an old chair has absolutely nothing to do with a struggling dancer but Michael Sembello's one hit wonder seemed perfect for the moment. Because from the first moment I slapped on the paint thinner I knew that I was a maniac.

And then it started raining. (Hmmm, maybe someone was trying to tell me something.)

By mid afternoon the clouds parted so it was time to carry on with my project. This unforeseen break provided me just enough time to restore my lungs to proper working order before exposing myself to more toxic fumes.

So I continued. Layer upon layer of stripper was lathered onto the chair. Before I knew it, virgin wood started to peak through. After a little bit (translation: A LOT) of sanding the chair was finally ready for a face lift.

By day two my little chair started looking like it did when it originally left the nest.

Biggest challenge now is removing the paint from its joints. Right now it looks like it has moles. And these aren't sexy moles. Instead they are the pesty ones a dermatologist removes leaving you praying that they aren't malignant.

But the plot thickens. I forgot to mention that this chair was part of a pair so I had to repeat the same process all over again. Ok, this is when my theme song really does kick in.

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