Not Your Ordinary Jack in the Box

The curse of living in a Victorian apartment is the constant lack of closet space. So whenever I find a mid-century piece of furniture that could double as a storage unit I get goosebumps. I had one of those experiences several months back when we found this amoeba print hassock at a flea market. With its spacious hidden compartment, I knew instantly that I would find a use for it. And the bonus was that it also doubled easily as a stool.

So naturally it became our toy box.

Yet I was confused. With its plaid lining and random rubber bands I was suspicious that our new toy chest was once a fancy but rather impractical picnic basket.

But I was wrong. Dead wrong.

About two weeks ago David & I spotted a similar hassock at an antique mall in Sebastopol. It was the fraternal twin of ours with similar construction but different fabric.

What shocked us most was the contents inside. A Filtex Vacuum complete with instructions.

I had never seen anything quite like it. No, not the vacuum silly but a chest to store a vacuum cleaning system. Isn't that what closets are for?

So I am flattered to think that this hip hassock created to store a vacuum was designed for people like me. Those with limited closet space in their Victorian apartments.

Pretty cool, eh?

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