George Was Right: It is Surprisingly Comfortable

What seems to be our never ending redecorating project we decided to shift gears and go designer. Well, a reproduction of a quintessential mid-century design that is.

Enter Craigslist.

A few weeks back we discovered a listing for a Nelson Marshmallow Sofa online. Hoping to replace a well loved chaise lounge with something a little more hip, we knew instantly that this sofa provided the solution. More like a love seat than a couch, our new playful black leather sofa added style without overpowering the room. And as advertised, it is surprisingly comfortable.

Designed by George Nelson and Irving Harper for Herman Miller in 1956, the marshmallow sofa led the way into the pop art style of the 1960s. With its original limited release only a few survive today.

Enter reproduction.

I once read that most mid-century designs were not issued patents. Although this practice has proved unfair for the designers it has provided the opportunity for folks like me to afford something that otherwise would remain an image in a magazine. And so what if mine is really a second-hand reproduction. I like it just the same. And so does my wallet.

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