Too Cute To Bury Beneath Plants

Not long ago David and I spotted this adorable Eames era plant stand at Alameda Point Antique Faire being sold by one of our favorite dealers. Not in the market for another plant stand we decided that if it had not sold by the time we were done shopping then it would come home with us. Well, I am sure you already figured out the ending to this story.

I tried exploring the origin of this colorful multi-layered stand made of Formica but came up empty handed. There are plenty of images out there in cyberspace but nothing on the designer, manufacturer, etc. I did, however, discover one blog that offered some insight as to the origin of these stands. Our logical guess is that it originated in Europe, likely Germany, in the 1950s. Since I am dying to know more I will continue to research. Hmmm, seems a good enough excuse to me to plan a trip abroad.

But for now, our latest treasure remains a great conversation piece adorning our hallway.

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