Renovation Time Capsule

At a recent estate sale in San Francisco, David picked up a mystery envelope that he hoped contained brochures with images from the 50s to further our knowledge of the time. To our surprise, this Eames era envelope was jammed pack with various pamphlets, magazine cut-outs and paint samples that had been forgotten long ago in some random drawer. Here is what was inside.

Notice the postage date? We really are going back in time.

All renovation projects start with a good coat of paint.

Never fear this DIY guide is for beginners.

I think this owner was interested in sprucing up their bathroom.

So many color choices. I pick the blue one.

There was also a random McCall's - December 1956 inside.

Back to the bathroom decorating project. A new shower door is a must.

Don't bother going to Bathroom Accessories Supply Co. since it is now someone's home.

A little hard to appreciate but the vanity is a cut out from a magazine.

Proof that it isn't just me who reads travel guides while on the toilet.

Now moving on to flooring.

The personal touch was such a great selling technique. (Yes, it is a real signature by a good old fashion ink pen.)

Oh, we were so innocent back then.

So that finishes our tour of home decorating 1956.

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