Swag, Baby, Swag!

Have you ever had that moment when you hadn't realized you were missing something until you spot it hanging in a stall of an antique mall? We had that moment last week when spending an afternoon shopping at The Antique Society in Sebastopol. Whenever we stop off at this particular mall we tend to gravitate towards our favorite dealer, Carole & Ferd Silva, to admire (actually drool over) their display of mid-century decor. And there it was. A black and white porcelain swag lamp that was to die for.

For months now David & I have been debating on what to do with an empty hook in the ceiling of our living room that had been a chandelier decades ago. As a renter, we have not been permitted to make any structural changes, especially re-wiring. We have tried hanging candles but they seemed lost in the vastness of our 15 foot Victorian ceiling. The swag lamp was the perfect solution to our quandary. Not only does it bring style to our bare ceiling but the light helps lend the right swank bachelor pad feeling to our cozy living room.

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