Luckily I Am Fond of Puzzles

Discovered a new flea market this weekend. We had to travel 100 miles to get there but boy was the Sacramento Antique Faire worth it. To break up the drive while guaranteeing that we would not miss the early morning action, we booked a hotel room to make the journey easier. Hitting a few antique stores on the way made the trip more adventurous. The funny thing, however, was that we kept running into a dealer we know from one of our San Francisco favorites, The Other Shop. Running into him time and time again at our various shopping spots reminded me that we weren't that crazy to venture so far away from home to satisfy our thirst for vintage. But back to the faire.

Better than Candlestick but not as vast as Alameda, Sacramento's faire was well worth it. Not only was the entry fee only $3, there was plenty of free street parking available within walking distance to the faire. Situated under a freeway, there was plenty of shade available to avoid unwanted sunburns. Knowing that prices are always cheaper the farther you stray from San Francisco, there were some real bargains to be had at this flea market. There were even a few dealers who mentioned that they would be charging double if they were at Alameda instead of Sacramento. I believed them.

The greatest challenge was not the distance but how to fit all our new goodies into the car. Luckily we both like puzzles but are always surprised when everything fits.

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